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Preston Ridge Writing Center

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Preston Ridge Writing Center Rules and Procedures

One-on-one Sessions

A session is an extended period of time in which the WC Consultant and the writer work one-on-one in order to improve your writing skills. At no point will the WC Consultant edit, proofread, or checking the writer's work. Last minute "drop-in" sessions are available based on WC Consultant availability.

  • All writers are limited to two sessions per week (including any missed sessions).
  • All writers are limited to one session per day.
  • All PRC Writing Center sessions are half an hour with the following exceptions:
    • If the writer's draft (not assignment) is equal to or greater than six pages longer
    • If the writer is enrolled in an INRW or ESOL course

Required Materials

  • Please bring two typed and printed copies of your draft (if applicable)
  • Please bring a copy (electronic or print) of the assignment, prompt, and/or rubric

Cancelation/No Show

  • Cancelations must be made at least one hour before the appointment
  • Writers are given a ten minute grace period before their appointment is canceled. 
  • After two absences, the writer's WC Online account will be automatically disabled

 Questions Lab

Questions Lab is a drop-in service that allows writers to work in the Writing Center and ask occasional, specific, and brief questions that can be answered in less than five minutes. While there is no limit to the number of questions a writer can ask, the writer should be working independently between questions. Questions Lab is available at specifically scheduled times and when WC Consultants are not engaged with a One-on-One Session. 

 Online Writing Lab

All Collin College writers may access the Collin College Writing Center’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) support systems, DropBox and VirtualMuse. In order to use these systems:

  • Register with the Spring Creek WCONLINE appointment system at 
  • Log in to the Spring Creek WC schedule, choosing either DropBox or VirtualMuse on the schedule drop-down menu
  • Follow the instructions at the top of the page for creating an appointment

 Writing Center Purpose

The purpose of writing center tutoring is to work one-on-one with writers at any point of the writing process, from brainstorming through polishing. As tutors, the goal of the WC Consultants is to help you become a stronger writer, therefore, the WC Consultants encourage discovery, creativity, and application without being directive.

All skilled and experienced writers themselves, the WC Consultants are not content experts. All facts, conclusions, and interpretations are always your own. WC Consultants will not check any essay for the correctness of ideas but will rather assist you as you clarify your ideas, hone your purpose, support your argument, and understand your use of grammar and mechanics.

WC Consultants prioritize the elements addressed in any one-on-one session based on their experience and the writer’s concern. However, since the goal of the Writing Center is to help writers improve their overall writing, not just the current assignment, and because writing is used as evidence of learning for various courses, the WC Consultant will not co-author, check, edit, change, or direct the creation of any element of your writing. You, the writer, are responsible for the quality and final grade of any draft.